Why to work with us?


In no time at all and at fair cost we will provide you with excellent quality water treatment plants dealing with both drinking and service water. We shall supply all components for water treatment plants, including plastic piping equipment for any application. We are experts in technologies for water softening, iron and manganese removal, activated charcoal filter, mechanical and multi-layer filter, nitrate removal, demineralization and reverse osmosis. We will soften your water, remove unwanted smell, color, bacteria and slurry. We will get your water ready for demanding technological applications and supply all components for water treatment as well as plastic pipes, fittings and components not only for drinking or service water but also for highly aggressive chemical agents!


For each of our customers we shall strive to find the best turnkey solution, regardless the fact whether you need a simple or demanding application. We shall deal with supply, assembly, commissioning and repair and maintenance. We use our professional experience to ensure quality water treatment in chemical industry, mechanical engineering applications, galvanic applications, pharmaceutical, food, textile and glass manufacturing applications, agricultural and water processing applications, hotels, restaurants, boiler rooms, laundries, schools, healthcare institutions, municipalities of up to 1000 inhabitants, and various housing estates such as individual houses and flats. We shall supply both simple filters and most recent sophisticated water treatment technology.


We guarantee high efficiency and reliability of all our technologies and products. We only use quality and certified components made by leading European and oversea manufacturers. Our water treatment plants and plastic piping equipment have been installed for many years in various companies throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia and many other countries of Eastern and Central Europe.


We have a team of experienced specialists in chemistry, mechanical engineering and business with more than 20 years experience in water treatment and plastic piping equipment. We follow the most recent trends in water treatment and plastic piping technology, select the best possible options and implement them into our product range. Since 1991 we have installed and commissioned hundreds of water treatment systems for various applications. We have been a major supplier of water treatment and plastic piping technology and components to leading industrial and assembly Czech and multinational companies, mainly within chemical and surface treatment industries.


As a professional and dynamic Czech company with a proven track record, we strive for individual and responsible care for our customers. We shall comply with your requirements and undertake to search for the best possible solution based on price/value ratio. We offer various discounts and a well-thought system of personal care to wholesale and installation company customers. You can be sure that with us you will get maximum for your investment!

If you need water treatment plants, components for such systems or plastic piping equipment contact us!